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Every site I create is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, a pixel perfect representation of your needs. I pride myself on clean, high quality code for websites that look great on any device.
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Website Design Packages

Every web design package includes a content management system (CMS), mobile-friendly/responsive design, unlimited pages and more. Customize your package by choosing from a menu of additional features. The final outcome will be a quality website that helps you reach your goals, gives you the power to make content updates, and provides the best user experience possible. Whether you want to upgrade your website’s design, or you’re looking to totally re-vamp the way it functions, I’m at your service to provide quality code for a responsive, cross-browser site. See the options here, and, when you’re ready, request a proposal.

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Website Maintenance

If you’re not keeping up with maintenance, you’re living on the edge! Your site could be vulnerable to vandals and hackers, not to mention it likely isn’t performing as well as it could be. Sign up for a monthly maintenance plan, and I’ll take care of software updates, website security checks and monitoring, as well as content changes/maintenance requests as needed. If keeping your website up-to-date is a chore, not a pleasure, let me handle your ongoing website needs. Not sure why you need maintenance? Let’s talk, and I’ll give you the run-down! Get a quote.

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Web Designer for Hire: Cori Snedecor

Give your organization the strong web presence it deserves

I’m an expert WordPress designer & developer with a background in web application development.

I’ve served on the board of a major environmental education nonprofit, founded (& coded) my own crowdfunding business, & worked with a great number of small business owners, so I know how challenging it can be to maintain a website with limited resources.

That’s why I began building websites on the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), WordPress, so you can be in full control of the content on your site, while knowing you can always call on me to keep the site in tiptop shape.

Whether you’re looking to improve membership conversions, donations, sales or website visits, I’ll build you a website that will help you achieve your unique goals. If you already have a site, I can provide website maintenance, updates & redesigns.

I work with small businesses, individuals & nonprofits in Maine & beyond, so don’t be shy! Reach out.

Give your organization the strong web presence it deserves.

  • I'll work with you to discover your priorities, goals and dreams for your website and how we can help you make them come true.

  • I'll customize a pre-made WordPress theme or create a custom design based on your feedback and needs.

  • I'll buckle down and code to come up with a simple to update, responsive and user-friendly website.

  • If you need someone to handle upkeep, technical updates, and website security I'm at your service.

Recent Work

WordPress Design and Development
Allied Engineering came to me hoping to update the design of their years-old website to reflect a more modern look, and to celebrate their 60th Anniversary as a company. Given the technology behind their site was several years old and had not been updated in as many, we decided the best route was to start from fresh and give them a totally custom, brand new look, while still keeping the design simple and attractive. View the site:

Custom WordPress Design & Development
Michaud Accounting Solutions was looking for a website that exemplified the quality of the services they provide, while reflecting the strength of their company and brand. I built their website with an eye for sophistication and security, allowing them piece of mind, while presenting their brand in the best light possible. Visit the site:

WordPress Responsive Design & Development
LHR was expanding their market beyond the United States and was looking to re-brand, moving away from a location-specific aesthetic to one that could appeal to an international audience. I created a responsive website with a more versatile appeal, while showcasing their vast experience in large-scale disaster recovery, rebuilding, and response. Visit the site:

WordPress Development
Giftress came to me looking for someone to transform their Photoshop designs into a living website. I took their designs and brought them to life, creating a pixel-perfect representation of their website, with a little added animation for flare. The site was built with the owners in mind. It’s quick and easy to make changes, and they don’t need to know any code at all! Visit the site: Giftress

WordPress Custom Design & Development
Ingrid from Inner Image Clinical Thermography needed an updated web presence that allowed her customers to book online at any of her many locations from their phones or computers. I built her a mobile-friendly website that allows her customers to search by location and book easily through her website, allowing her to get back to doing what she does best while knowing her website does the heavy-lifting when it comes to customer appointments. Visit the site:

WordPress Design & Development
McRae & Associates were looking to update their website, transfer to a new domain name, and overhaul the business’s image. I revamped the site using vibrant color blocks to break up large amounts of text into digestible blocks, while the colors convey a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. Visit the site: McRae & Associates

WordPress Design and Development
The Universal DNA Playlist is a showcase of the ways musical tastes and DNA intertwine. Created by the owner of, she was looking for a website that followed a similar design to provide consistency, but still had it’s own unique flavor. The custom design allows her to showcase her Spotify playlist and keep her fans updated with a custom blog. Visit the site: Universal DNA Playlist

WordPress Design and Development
Lisa Prince from Advance Weight Loss and Fitness was looking to redesign her website, keeping in line with her branding, but making the site responsive and more user-friendly. I transferred the site from CMS Made Simple to WordPress, added a blog to allow her to easily keep her followers updated, overhauled the design and reorganized the content. Her new website is simplified and modernized, while still reflecting her original design and branding. To boot, she can make updates without the help of a website developer. Visit the site: Advance Weight Loss & Fitness

Custom WordPress Design, WordPress Development
Rosilyn needed a website to showcase her creative projects, expertise, and personality. I provided her with a customized, responsive WordPress website designed to appeal to the startup enthusiasts and marketing professionals she hopes to attract while emphasizing her new blog and portfolio. See the site:

Metacomet Land Trust

Plugin Development, WordPress Theme
Metacomet Land Trust asked us to upgrade their HTML site to provide a fresher, newer design that would allow any board member to make easy updates without knowing any code. I transformed their existing site into an easy-to-manage WordPress site that pulls in information from their Facebook page, keeping the page fresh and new even when time for updates is short. I also added an online store so they could raise money online, as well as a way for their supporters to purchase memberships online. See the site: Metacomet Land Trust

Perri O’Shaughnessy

Custom Design, WordPress Development
Bestselling authors Pam and Mary O’Shaughnessy (writing under the pen name Perri O’Shaughnessy) came to us hoping for a more modern look to their 14 year old HTML and Flash website. I designed a custom WordPress theme with a lighter color scheme, and consolidated the extensive amount of information the site had accumulated over the years into a user-friendly, simplistic layout, making material easy to find and visually engaging. Visit the site: Perri O’Shaughnessy


Web Development (Ruby on Sinatra)
The owner of the Pediatric Speech Language Pathology firm Chatterboxes came to me with an existing Ruby on Sinatra application that had been coded from scratch. She felt they were missing customer contacts because the site was not responsive. We re-coded her existing design to allow a mobile-friendly experience for her users, giving her a wider audience, and a search engine-friendly website. I now provide updates, upgrades, and continual development of the site. See the site: Chatterboxes

Web Development (Ruby on Rails), PSD to HTML
WorthWild is a crowdfunding website for environmental projects. I served as the primary developer and user-experience expert on the web application, a custom, from scratch, Ruby on Rails application. All functionality and responsive design is hand-coded with the utmost attention to clean, quality code. Visit the site: WorthWild

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